What Can You Bring To The Company? Tricky Wall Street Interview Question!

When you go for a job interview, no matter what the field is, you are often asked the same questions. There are so many different questions that could be asked to you, such as, “what experience you have?”, “what are your specialties?”, and more. 

But, one common question that is asked and is unanswerable for many people is, “What can you bring to the company?”. 

This single question has made so many people miss a job because they do not know how to answer this question. Then they get stuck in the pressure of the situation. The recruiter will only recruit you if you convince him that you can benefit the company.

Everyone wants the job, and if you can benefit the company, only then will you be hired. You should know how to answer the question. This whole article is going to revolve around this one question, giving you detailed tips on how to answer it.

Why is this WallStreet question so difficult?

First, let’s see why many people fail to answer this question. There can be many reasons, such as:


Self-doubting means to doubt one’s abilities, and to fail to be able to see the good things you hold in yourself. When this question is asked, many people don’t know how to answer it because they consider themselves failures and they doubt their abilities. Doubting your abilities never lets you get a job.

Lack Of Confidence:

Another great reason for people to fail this question is the lack of confidence. If you don’t have enough confidence in yourself, you are less likely to get the job. People lack confidence for a lot of reasons, and some of them are shyness, depression, bullying, and more. Whatever the reason is for you not being confident, you must work on finding your strengths and capabilities to gain the competence needed for the job.

Not Understanding The Question:

Confusion could definitely be the reason.  You get the question wrong. Often you reply to the question but still, the employer will repeat the question and you still may not understand. All this is because your brain is not helping you because you are anxious and you cannot process the question. 

These were some reasons why people cannot answer this question. Now let’s move forward to learn how to answer this question. 

How do you answer this question properly?

The simplest answer to this question is: by being yourself. Your experience, enthusiasm, confidence, personal qualities, willingness, and loyalty are being brought to the company. This could be a possible answer. 

The best way to answer this question is to show them what you’ve got. Tell them stories of your past job, and how you benefited the company there. Tell them you are self-motivated, and you can use your skills to get the company much stronger and reputable in the market by offering as much work as possible. This will be the best answer to this question. You should also check out wall street mastermind, they have some of the most in-depth training on how you should behave and answer questions when interviewing for a job in a company on WallSt. It’s a competitive place, so you need to get as much of an edge as you can.

This very question can also be asked in a different way, like, “Are you a good match for our business?”. You could also be asked some questions such as: “Would you be a good long-term hire for the business?”, or “How much do you know about our company? Are you sufficiently interested in us to have researched us?”, or “What do you think are your best skills and attributes? What are your values?”, or even, “How good are your communication and influencing skills?”. Be confident in every condition and answer properly to increase your chances of acing your interview with flying colors.

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