7 Tips to Ace Your Teaching Interview

Interviewing to be a teacher can be quite different from the job interview process in other industries. Whether you’ve just finished school and gotten your certifications, or you’ve been teaching for a while but are looking for a new opportunity, the thought of going to an interview is nerve wracking.

As a teacher, there are certain questions and answers that you need to consider in order to ace the interview with flying colors. Here are some tips to making a good first impression with your recruiter.

1. Create a portfolio

Your interview is your opportunity to show off your skills and experiences. The best way to do this is to create a portfolio that showcases your degrees, certificates, achievements, and awards available. You should also include sample lesson plans and exams from past classes you’ve taught.

2. Prepare to get asked lots of questions

Some of the questions you might be asked during the teaching interview are tough. This is especially true if you don’t take the time to prepare. Make sure you plan responses in advance to questions such as:

  • What techniques do you use for conflict resolution? 
  • How do you manage behavior that’s inappropriate or out of control? 
  • How do you keep students engaged in the learning material?

3. Think about why you are a great fit for this position

You are obviously applying for this new teaching job for a reason. What makes you qualified for the position? Why do you want to work at this school in particular, or with this grade in particular? What can you showcase on your resume that proves relevant work experience that will land you the job?

4. Use professional body language and attitude

Sometimes, your appearance is all it takes to make a good or bad first impression. And this doesn’t mean you should focus on your looks or your attractiveness, but rather your professional mannerisms. Dress professionally to show that you are confident and well put-together.

You also want to invest in positive body language. Always smile and be polite to everyone you meet, as this will make you look mature and pleasant to be around. Look your interviewer in the eye when they ask you questions, and smile when you respond. Your clean, kind appearance will put you on top of the candidates list and miles above the rest of the applicants.

5. State your teaching philosophy

You should come up with an elevator pitch that best represents your philosophy and morals, and why teaching matters to you. Teachers should be intelligent enough to decide what their opinions are about certain academic topics or core teaching requirements. You should already have an idea in mind about how you want the structure of the day to look for each student. Also, talk about what skills you bring to the table when it comes to managing students.

6. Talk about lesson plans

Every state has a different set of standards that are required to be incorporated into your lesson plan. Your interviewer will likely ask you about that. Be eager when you talk about your plans for incorporating these standards into your daily lessons. Also be aware that not every school has the same budget, so there may be some areas of the lesson plan where you might want to use creativity to expand the students’ learning possibilities.

7. Prepare your own questions

As much as the interviewers will have questions for you, you should also be brimming with questions for them. They want to see that you are eager to work there, so the more questions you ask, the better. Inquire about what’s expected of you if you get the job. Ask if the school has plans for expanding or increasing their budget. It will make you appear curious and, above all, professional.

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You Might Want to Say These 3 Things to Make Up For Your Lack of Experience, But You Definitely Shouldn’t

Nothing is more awkward than landing one of your first interviews and being asked why you don’t seem to have much experience for the role. You want to make a good first impression, so what do you do? How do you make up for your lack of relevant work experience while still proving that you are the best fit for the job? 

You might be tempted to say these 3 things as a response, but you definitely shouldn’t. Take a look at these phrases you should refrain from saying, and what to say instead. 

1. Just give me a chance – I’ll work really hard!

The last thing you want to do is sound like you are desperate or begging. You should definitely stay away from saying anything along the lines of:

“Seriously, I’ll work so hard. Please give me a chance. I’ll show you how good I am.”

This is a good way to come across as unappealing and clingy. Nobody wants to see you grovel. That doesn’t look too good for your confidence either. Insisting that you will work hard won’t actually get you anywhere. 

What to do instead

Remember that you still landed the interview for a reason. The recruiters are still interested in talking to you, even if you don’t have a ton of experience. Make sure you stay on your best behavior and let your confidence shine through.
If you keep getting questioned about your lack of experience, make an ally out of your recruiter rather than arguing with them. Ask them if there are other roles at the organization that would be a better fit for someone with your level of experience. Show, don’t tell, that you are willing to work hard.

2. I have even better experience

This is possibly the worst way to respond during an interview. Trying to prove to the recruiter that you are better than what’s required of you for the job is a huge no-no. It will make it look even more painstakingly obvious that you lack the proper experience necessary for the job.

If you act like your experience is superior, you are guaranteed to get pushed to the bottom of the applicants file. This isn’t to say that you don’t have experience and skills that can help bring something new to the table. But you don’t want to bring that up right away, as it will make a terrible first impression.

What to do instead

If you truly feel that you have an experience that the interviewer isn’t taking into account, and you want to mention it, start by asking questions. Ask what some of the company’s biggest obstacles and goals are. Then talk about how your experience might help with that. If you are genuine, and not just fishing for a way to brag about yourself, you will come off a lot more authentically. 

3. I’m a really fast learner

No recruiter wants to hear, “I may not have the experience, but I’m a super fast learner and easily trainable!”. That just translates to more work on their end. They are looking for someone who already knows how to perform the essential functions and skills that the job is requiring. They may not have the time or capacity to train someone who is completely green to the industry.

What to do instead

If you keep getting denied because of your lack of experience, you may need to seek another job for the time being. Instead of trying this phrase over and over with no success, use it somewhere where it will really count. Try looking for a job with an organization that does offer a training program. This would be a great place for you to start, making it easier for you to climb up the ladder.

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When You Have No Sales Experience…

Confidence is the Key!

When it comes to finding a job in the sales department, there is a point where every fresh person who wants a job gets stuck. That point is when you are asked about your experience. When you don’t have any sales experience, you might feel like you will never get hired. 

Finding a job has always been very difficult, and when it comes to experience (which you do not have), you just get lost in the situation. Employers often do not think about how could a freshly graduated student could even have experience in the field. You do not have to worry, though, as this article will tell you how you could get your dream job without having any experience. 

Be honest at all times

When you are sitting in the interview, you have to be honest with yourself and the interviewer. Do not tell a false story or the half part of the story just to get the job. The point of this is that you cannot hide the lie forever. The employer will find out eventually – and even if he doesn’t, when you lie during your interview, you become nervous and the recruiter will notice that. You might lose your chance of getting the job. You should also check out Sam Shiah. He’ll teach you everything you need to know to get a job on Wall Street. From clothing, to answering technical questions. He’s the go-to guy for all of that because he himself got a job on wallst and has the experience about what it takes to get in.

Being honest makes you confident and confidence gets you the job. All that is judged during an interview is how confidently you deal with the questions.

Dig through your past for the experience

Many companies do not specifically want experience in sales departments. You can share any past experience with them related to the field. These experiences can be the stories of your past in which you were steadfast, or any experience of you being persuasive and stuff like that. 

Many times people get selected for jobs without having the proper job experience. It is often not understood what gave them the job but they always have something from their past deciding their present. This something could be a persuasive task, a unique idea, or anything like that which the employer finds quite helpful for the company. 

Everyone wants to benefit, and so does your recruiter. If you want the recruiter to give you a chance in the company, then you should be sure to have some confident experiences from your life. You should remember those experiences that can help you with the interview.  

Many times a person doesn’t even know he has the related experience until he decides to comb through every single memory from his brain. It pays to take the time to go through your mind and think about your past accomplishments. Did you sell candy or cookies when you were in the scouts? Or perhaps you negotiated a good grade on a college exam? That experience totally counts!

Confidence Earns It!

The final thing you can do is to stay confident during the interview. Reply to each question with a smile and a nod, and tackle the situations they put you in with perfection. Your confidence in front of the interviewer automatically explains that you can be great for the company. And since many companies prefer a confident person who can ensure the sales of the company, those traits are valued much more highly than whatever experience you may or may not have. 

Plus, a lot of your past jobs or schooling situations may end up becoming a crucial part of your experience anyway. Tell them that you can do good work and help the company grow, which is what any sales interviewer would be looking for the most. Be confident, and best of luck!

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What Can You Bring To The Company? Tricky Wall Street Interview Question!

When you go for a job interview, no matter what the field is, you are often asked the same questions. There are so many different questions that could be asked to you, such as, “what experience you have?”, “what are your specialties?”, and more. 

But, one common question that is asked and is unanswerable for many people is, “What can you bring to the company?”. 

This single question has made so many people miss a job because they do not know how to answer this question. Then they get stuck in the pressure of the situation. The recruiter will only recruit you if you convince him that you can benefit the company.

Everyone wants the job, and if you can benefit the company, only then will you be hired. You should know how to answer the question. This whole article is going to revolve around this one question, giving you detailed tips on how to answer it.

Why is this WallStreet question so difficult?

First, let’s see why many people fail to answer this question. There can be many reasons, such as:


Self-doubting means to doubt one’s abilities, and to fail to be able to see the good things you hold in yourself. When this question is asked, many people don’t know how to answer it because they consider themselves failures and they doubt their abilities. Doubting your abilities never lets you get a job.

Lack Of Confidence:

Another great reason for people to fail this question is the lack of confidence. If you don’t have enough confidence in yourself, you are less likely to get the job. People lack confidence for a lot of reasons, and some of them are shyness, depression, bullying, and more. Whatever the reason is for you not being confident, you must work on finding your strengths and capabilities to gain the competence needed for the job.

Not Understanding The Question:

Confusion could definitely be the reason.  You get the question wrong. Often you reply to the question but still, the employer will repeat the question and you still may not understand. All this is because your brain is not helping you because you are anxious and you cannot process the question. 

These were some reasons why people cannot answer this question. Now let’s move forward to learn how to answer this question. 

How do you answer this question properly?

The simplest answer to this question is: by being yourself. Your experience, enthusiasm, confidence, personal qualities, willingness, and loyalty are being brought to the company. This could be a possible answer. 

The best way to answer this question is to show them what you’ve got. Tell them stories of your past job, and how you benefited the company there. Tell them you are self-motivated, and you can use your skills to get the company much stronger and reputable in the market by offering as much work as possible. This will be the best answer to this question. You should also check out wall street mastermind, they have some of the most in-depth training on how you should behave and answer questions when interviewing for a job in a company on WallSt. It’s a competitive place, so you need to get as much of an edge as you can.

This very question can also be asked in a different way, like, “Are you a good match for our business?”. You could also be asked some questions such as: “Would you be a good long-term hire for the business?”, or “How much do you know about our company? Are you sufficiently interested in us to have researched us?”, or “What do you think are your best skills and attributes? What are your values?”, or even, “How good are your communication and influencing skills?”. Be confident in every condition and answer properly to increase your chances of acing your interview with flying colors.

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Fun things to do in Atlanta – Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is a state of the art aquarium built in the year 2000. Aimed to educate people in the field of aquatic sciences and biodiversity, this center does so in an entertaining and engaging way.

The Georgia Aquarium has many exhibits and programs available to the public to experience including: behind the scenes tours, animal shows, and feeding sessions. Home to thousands of different species, the Georgia Aquarium boasts a memorable experience for everyone.

Booking at the Georgia Aquarium also includes a range of exclusive hotel packages. With one of these hotel packages, you’ll be granted entry into the aquarium at a competitive rate.

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