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cascade-logoCascade represents Atlanta, GA for over 20 years with a unique lighting & sound system and 15,000 sq. ft. maple wood floor.


metro-logoMetroFunCenter is our newest Fun Center, featurning 120,000 square feet of Bowling, Skating, Playland, Laser tag and more. ..

Golden Glide

golden-logoGoldenglide continues its 20 year committment to product unparalled family entertainment to the community.

Fun and affordable place for game night. This is a place for people of all age groups. Bring your kids…

Shemar Gooden

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I love skating here. Lots to do under one roof: ready, drink, skate, pool, bowling, basketball, games etc

Mimi V

Google reviews

Every Saturday we are faithfully in the building holding down the skate floor…..

Ro The Nerd

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